1983 - 1987 Primary School Oberönz

1987 - 1992 Secondary School Herzogenbuchsee

1992 - 1996 apprenticeship





2017 book launch , solo exhibition Oberaargau

2018 Gallery old distillery

2019 Gallery Artstü

2020 Gallery Art 87 / Andermatt

Gallery Geneva

Waldenburg Biennial

2020 Gallery old distillery

2020 Street Art Fest / Grenoble / FR_




I was born on April 9, 1976, grew up in Herzogenbuchsee and trained as a carpenter after attending primary and secondary school.


In addition to my manual work as a fitter, the creative talent that I was able to live out as a street artist for the time being soon became apparent. The spraying of faces has been further developed. Residual materials such as wood, sheet metal, glass and more are now the new materials.


With them and their own means of expression, faces are developed into portraits, which testify to an intensive examination of the materials as a means of design.

In this way I can bring my technical and artistic talent together in an ideal way.


The way they are made, my portraits repeatedly lead to an examination of the phenomena of reality, their perception and interpretation.


I look forward to meeting you!

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